Sunday, October 10, 2010


Shells of Our Shores Exhibit

Baron-Forness Library, Edinboro University of PA, is currently featuring an extensive display of seashells. Examples of univalve and bivalve shells and other marine life forms including coral, sand dollars, sea urchins, starfish, and fans are featured. The exhibits are located at the first floor entrance and mezzanine area on the second floor of the library. The display portrays the diversity of shell forms and features many sectioned shells that reveal their interior structure and nature’s symmetry. Informative labels include information on shell morphology, the best U.S. sites for collecting shells, and guidelines for collectors developed by the Conchology Society of America. In addition, decorative items made from shells such as jewelry, lamps, and domestic items are included. The shells on display were collected by Collection Development Librarian, Lora Whitney, over the last 50 years. The display will run through September.

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