Monday, August 25, 2008

Hurricane Information

Many of us are trying to follow the latest on the numerous hurricanes that are in the news right now. The National Hurricane Center provides such information as projected storm paths, advisories, and preparedness. FEMA also has a hurricane center with educational information on hurricanes, recovery documents, and even more information on preparedness. They also provide a list of web sites and contact information on each state's emergency management offices. These can provide a wealth of more localized information. A great site to see the path of the hurricane is StormPulse. Great graphics and lots of information.

Enjoy the Library Fall Displays

"Traveling Once Again," from the Erie County Historical Society. The display is a collection of pottery and basketry from a time when it was a great adventure to travel west and collect Native American crafts.

A Collection of Mechanical Banks, by Dr. Andrea Wyman. This display is located on the second floor.

"Scotland the Brave," coordinated by Professor Loralyn Whitney. The exhibit features Scottish artifacts and recently acquired books on Scottish history and culture. The exhibit is located on the Second Floor of the library next to the Computer Lab.

Edinboro memorabilia from the estate of Elaine Ghering Uht, Class of 1941, by Dr. Andrea Wyman. This exhibit is located on the first floor.

"Meet Owly and Andy Runton," by Dr. Andrea Wyman. Graphic novels and comic books are on display. They were created by visiting artist, Andy Runton of Atlanta, Georgia. Also included are lesson plans for using the Owly books in the classroom. This display is located on the second floor.

"Find Library Materials Using Google Scholar," an informational poster created by Professors Christine Troutman and Barry Gray.

"Holy Tyrannosaurus Rex!" - Curriculum Materials Center - Resource materials for teaching children about dinosaurs including charts, diagrams and models.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Fall 2008 Brown Bag Speakers Series Sept. 24 at Noon.

The Baron Forness Library's Brown Bag Speaker's Series kicks off September 24, 2008, at noon in Room 715. Dr. Ihor Bemko, associate Professor in the History & Anthropology Department, presents "A Black Sea of Troubles: Ukrainian vs. Russian territorial claims in the Crimean Peninsula." Recent events in Georgia and the Russian response to those events have many worried about Russian intentions in the Crimean peninsula, long a point of contention in the history of Europe. Political events in Ukraine in recent weeks spark concern that the Crimea may be the next flash point in that area of the world.

Dr. Bemko will address this topic as well as answer questions after his presentation. Light refreshments are available, and you are encouraged to bring your own lunch. All lectures are held on top of the Baron Forness Library in Room 715.