Friday, October 21, 2011

Like to see pictures from earlier days at Edinboro University and the Area? Virtual Exhibit from the Archives

(Pictures: Betty Co-Ed (1910) and Joe College (1910))
These pictures come from the Virtual Exhibit in the Edinboro University Archives. They can be accessed by going to the Archives from the library's home page and then clicking on Virtual Exhipit. To take a look click HERE

The exhibits you see there are the result of a cooperative effort by the Goodell Gardens and Homestead, the Edinboro Area Historical Society and the Edinboro University Archive. You can visit the Goodell Gardens and Homestead at 223 Waterford St. in Edinboro (814-734-6699). The Edinboro Area Historical Society is at 126 Water St. in Edinboro (814-734-6109). The Edinboro University Archive is located in the Baron-Forness Library on the campus of Edinboro University (814-732-2415).