Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exhibits in the Baron Forness Library

The Baron Forness Library has Exhibits in the Galleries on the first and second floors. Come in and take a look.

On the first floor, as you enter, Students of the Edinboro for Environmental Defense (SEED) have a display with a goal to protect the remaining environment through activities and study. SEED is open to students in all majors interested in environmental topics. Faculty Advisers: Dr. Laurie Parendes and Dr. Karen Eisenhart.

In coordination with Earth Day activities, Baron Forness Library is displaying an exhibit about its Butterfly Garden by Professor Chris Troutman, one of the library volunteers who design and maintain the garden. The display includes the basics on creating a Butterfly Garden.

Louis Braille would be 200 this year. And exhibit on the 2nd floor commemorates Braille and his accomplishments. Included are examples of materials presented in braille, a braille writer and other informative texts. Dr. Andrea Wyman created this display to complement a travelling exhibit due to arrive in May. For more details contact Dr. Wyman at 732-2793.

The "Bunny Books" along with all the little bunnies brings color and pleasant memories to those enjoying the exhibit. This display, on the 2nd floor, was created by Dr. Andrea Wyman

Eric Carle, Children's book illustrator and innovative book designer is celebrated on the 2nd floor. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, has eaten its way into the hearts of millions of children all over the world. It has been translated into more than 47 languages and sold over 29 million copies. Dr. Wyman has designed a collage in honor of Eric Carle.

The Weaving and Fibers Club, students interested in promoting and learning the arts of weaving and fiber, has an exhibit in the Gallery on the 2nd floor. A majority of the pieces are from beginning level students, with a few from the intermediate level. The technique is hand loom weaving in both tapestry and pattern weave. Classes in weaving and fibers are taught in the Edinboro University Art Department.

On the 2nd floor is the Jane Austen exhibit coordinated by Lora Whitney. It commemorated Women's History Month. The exhibit features portraits of Jane Austen, focusing on the Regency era. It investigates the timeless appeal of Jane Austen's writing. The Edinboro University Woman's Association features a Jane Austen Special Interest Group. It meets periodically to investigate the culture, food, and history of the Regency Era. For more information on the Jane Austen SIG, contact Eleanor Randall at 732-2783.

Antique Banks from the collection of Dr. Andrea Wyman are on display on the 2nd floor.

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